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Lluvia Moreno, Print Coordinator


Lluvia (she/her) is a fourth-year applied linguistics major and LALS minor. This will be her third year within Student Media after joining City on a Hill Press in the fall of her second year. She has advanced to one of the print coordinator positions and looks forward to working closely with print orgs to ease their transition to online spaces this year. When she’s not on the clock, you can find her outdoors recharging in nature or talking to her houseplants.

Sabrina Schmier, Print Coordinator


Sabrina (she/her) is a fourth-year literature major and education minor who has been involved with Student Media since her second year. She has spent the past two years as a staff member, and then editor-in-chief, of Chinquapin Magazine and is thrilled to become further integrated into the print community as one of this year's print coordinators. In this position, Sabrina is hoping to help cultivate a strong sense of community and collaboration within these orgs, even when we are all far apart. In addition to her work with Student Media, Sabrina is also an Undergraduate Fellow with CITL and a founder of Sequoia Singers A Cappella. When not working within these communities, Sabrina is most likely to be found wandering a forest path or composing on her guitar.

Susan Watrous, Print Media Adviser


Susan has been the Print Media Adviser for Student Media since 2005. She brings a strong journalistic background to the position and consistently pushes students to achieve beyond what they think is possible with their work. In addition to advising Student Media organizations, Susan is a faculty member and instructs multiple courses on campus. Susan sees the success of her students as a success of herself, and is always available and open to work with all members of Student Media.

Phone: (831) 459-5817

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