Student Media has several career and student staff who are experienced and available resources for any student involved in Student Media.

Jennifer Cain, Interim Student Media Assistant Director & Broadcast Advisor

Jennifer Cain serves as the Interim Student Media Assistant Director and Broadcast Adviser, teaching and advising students in broadcast production. She attended UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism with a focus in video storytelling, and has worked at ABC 7 and AJ+ in the Bay Area. An alumna of UCSC, Jenn was a co-editor in chief of City on a Hill Press. She trains students in the legal, technical and organizational aspects of videography under the student agency model. Trust, collaboration, fair and accurate reporting, are aspects she finds essential for successful storytelling.


Timothy Tsung, Broadcast Program Coordinator

Tim is a fourth-year Sociology major. He began his time at Student Media with Banana Slug News in his freshman year, eventually joining City on a Hill Press and starting their video program: CHP NOW. As broadcast coordinator at SCTV, he hopes to cultivate a more cooperative and inclusive space than ever before. In his free time, he likes to play video games, eat good food, and spend time with family.


Amanda Vong, Equipment Manager

Amanda is a fourth-year Literature Major with a Creative Writing Concentration in Poetry. She is currently working at Student Media in hopes of sharpening her skills as an educator and project coordinator. She has professional experience in producing, directing, and editing films. One day, she hopes to be the next greatest Asian-American Poet. In her free time, she likes dabble in film photography, music production, and not killing her plants.


Caroline Adamec, Equipment Manager

Caroline is a second-year Art and Film & Digital Media double-major. She will have been an Equipment Manager for a year in March 2019. Caroline has also been involved in Student Media since fall of her freshman year; during which she participated in multiple Film Production Coalition short films. Currently, she is a treasurer and producer for FPC. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to The 1975, singing in the shower, and eating gummy bears in bed.


Jackson Patrick-Sternin, Equipment Manager

Jackson is a second-year Film and Studio Art double major. As an Equipment Manager for SCTV and FPC-producer-hopeful, he hopes to cultivate technical education, career-oriented skills, and further utilization of SCTV's excellent equipment and program resources. His dream is to become a working director and editor of narrative productions.


Aadam Mohammad, Equipment Manager

Aadam is a fourth-year CS Computer Game Design major. He joined On The Spot in his sophomore year to experience comedy filmmaking from a new perspective, and has loved being a part of Student Media ever since! In his free time he likes to play and program games. He hopes to continue acting and doing film work in the vein of On The Spot, and even combine it with his passion for game design!


Amber Sudra, Press Center Operations Coordinator

This is Amber’s first year working as the Student Media Press Center. She is a third-year Art student with interest in textile design. In her spare time, she enjoys printmaking, vintage shopping and watching NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. As one of the Press Center Operations Coordinators, Amber hopes to create a warm and studious environment for all and to help orgs and members in any way possible.


Shinae Lee, Student Media Print Coordinator

Shinae Lee is a third-year Feminist Studies major and Language Studies minor. She has been involved in Student Media for the past two years as a reporter and editor for City on a Hill Press, and has organizing experience a staff member of the Korean American Student Association. In her free time, she likes to organize her life in her bullet journal, travel to foreign countries, and watch the Great British Baking Show on Netflix.


Adriana Galdos, Press Center Operations Coordinator

This is Adriana’s second year working at the Student Media Press Center. She is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and double-majoring in Film & Digital Media and Feminist Studies. She has previously been affiliated with Student Media organizations such as Film Production Coalition. As one of the Press Center Operations Coordinators, Adriana hopes to help maintain a good student media environment and assists orgs and their members with any questions or concerns.


Dustin Lennin Choto, SCTV Programming Manager

Dustin is a fourth-year Literature major entering their second year as SCTV's Programming Manager. They're very glad to be working with their best bud Tim to develop SCTV to something fantastic. Once they graduate, Dustin has plans to become the first tennis-playing pop singer in space. During their free time, Dustin writes in their super secret stream-of-consciousness journal and analyzes hip-hop lyrics.


Thomas Palmer, Operations Manager

Tommy grew up in Morgan Hill, CA, the oldest son in a close-knit family. He attended UC Santa Cruz, graduating in 2013 with a degree in psychology. It was during his time as an undergraduate that he joined City on a Hill Press as the business manager and got his first experience in a student agency environment. After a couple of jobs post graduation, he came to SOAR where he was able to expand upon his CHP foundation and gain better insight into the mission of SOMeCA as a whole. Returning once again to the SOMeCA family, he looks forward to helping progress this mission for future generations.


Susan Watrous, Print Media Adviser

Susan has been the Print Media Adviser for Student Media since 2005.

She brings a strong journalistic background to the position and consistently pushes students to achieve beyond what they think is possible with their work. In addition to advising Student Media organizations, Susan is a faculty member and instructs multiple courses on campus. Susan sees the success of her students as a success of herself, and is always available and open to work with all members of Student Media.

Phone: (831) 459-5817


Kristopher Rollert, Web Developer

Kristopher Rollert is a third-year computer science major and is going into his third year as the Web Developer for Student Media. He is experienced in programming for front and backend web development while also having experience in Bootstrap, Squarespace, WordPress. If you have any questions about anything web related, feel free to send him an email or come up to him anytime!