Student Media has several career and student staff who are experienced and available resources for any student involved in Student Media.

Angelo Garcia, Equipment Manager

Angelo is a third year Film & Digital Media major. He joined the Equipment Team in Winter 2020, and he’s loved his time in Student Media. He is currently the Event Coordinator for On The Spot and he has been involved with the Film Production Coalition for two years. Moving forward, he hopes to develop his screenwriting career before moving into cinematography and finally end up directing narrative films. If he’s not learning about cameras or lenses, you’ll often find him gaming, studying, or sleeping. Not always in that order.


Anmol Ashiya, CHP Ads Sales

Anmol is a fourth-year Business Management Economics major and a Technology Information management minor. As an incoming Advertising Sales Executive, he is looking forward to connecting with new people and building lasting relationships. Anmol was born and raised in India and moved to Santa Cruz, California to attend university. He enjoys traveling the country (and the world) with a burning curiosity to add to his global perspective.



Brandon Victoriano, Equipment Manager

Brandon is a second year Film and Psychology double major. Ever since his freshman year, he has been involved with the Film Production Coalition and On The Spot. As a producer for both organizations now, he strives to up the quality of student films and wants to push the limits of what kind of content Student Media is capable of producing. He hopes to eventually work as a director or producer in narrative productions. In his free time, he enjoys video games, basketball, and listening to a single song on repeat.



Charles Cenizal, Web Developer

Charles Cenizal is a 3rd year Computer Science: Game Design major. He is currently in training as a Student Media Web Developer. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his fellowship, swimming, playing billiards and lifting weights. On the work side of things, Charles looks to develop his skills in order get into the fields of web development, data science and game design.


Ebi Erabor, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ebi Erabor, Digital Marketing Coordinator Ebi is a fourth-year Film and Digital Media major. He joined the Film Production Coalition during Fall quarter 2019, where he's now the Co-Treasurer. He also has produced for the Club and is excited to get more involved in Student Media. One of the things he loves most about Student Media is meeting new people and being able to collaborate with other students and peers. He hopes to work in the industry as a writer or a showrunner someday. When he's not working with Student Media Ebi likes to listen to a variety of music. 


Emma Forbes, Broadcast Coordinator

Emma Forbes is a third year Film and Digital Media and French Language Studies double major. She has been a member of the Film Production Coalition for the past two years and is excited to be the webmaster this year. She has really enjoyed her time in student media and especially appreciates the opportunity to create with her peers. This is her first year as Broadcast Coordinator and she’s looking forward to encouraging members’ to use their creativity in a way that promotes positive social, political, and cultural change.


Frances Horwitz, Operations Coordinator

Frances Horwitz, Operations Coordinator Frances is a 2nd year Literature and Film and Digital Media double major, and loves student media with all their heart. She loves everything arts-related, and acts as a Signer, Website Manager, and Student Media Representative for Chinquapin Literary Magazine. Frances is very excited to work for Student Media as an Operations Coordinator and continue letting the UCSC community know about Student Media resources and the wonderful opportunities it provides. In her freetime, they also work as a music programmer at KZSC, playing everything from classical music to 80s bops across the airwaves. She is also the Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern, working as the KZSC News and Talk Director. In the future, Frances hopes to continue a career in media and to continue publishing writing, art, and important news and resources whenever she has a platform.


Griffin Smith, Fiscal Coordinator

Griffin Smith graduated from UCSC in the spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Film & Digital Media. Before joining SOAR, he worked as both an equipment manager & a business assistant for Student Media. He is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Griffin was born & raised in Anaheim, California but has also lived in north-central Massachusetts & Sunnyvale, California before coming to Santa Cruz.



Katelyn Brooks, Equipment Manager

Katelyn is a second year Film and Digital Media major with a minor in History. Katelyn is now an Equipment Manager for SCTV but has been involved in Student Media since the beginning of her Freshman year through the Film Production Coalition. She is currently a producer and the Event Coordinator for FPC. Katelyn has greatly enjoyed her experience with Student Media and hopes to help other creative and curious students find a home here.



Lluvia Moreno, Print Coordinator

Lluvia (she/her) is a fourth-year applied linguistics major and LALS minor. This will be her third year within Student Media after joining City on a Hill Press in the fall of her second year. She has advanced to one of the print coordinator positions and looks forward to working closely with print orgs to ease their transition to online spaces this year. When she’s not on the clock, you can find her outdoors recharging in nature or talking to her houseplants.


Melissa Gee, Operations Coordinator

Melissa Gee, Operations Coordinator Melissa Gee (she/her) is a second-year student at UC Santa Cruz, majoring in linguistics. Since the beginning of her time at the university, she has been a member of Fruitcake Magazine. Melissa currently attends Student Media Council as its representative. In her free time, she enjoys baking bread, painting/drawing, and learning languages.  She has a passion for collaborative projects and hopes to work in journalism one day.


Meri Klingelhofer, Web Developer

Meri is a second-year neuroscience and philosophy double major who joined Shutterslug Photography during her first year and currently serves as its fiscal representative. This is her first year as one of Student Media's Web Developers and she's excited to learn more about the ins and outs of this wonderful council. Feel free to reach out anytime!



Ryan Klaner-Glennon, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ryan Klaner-Glennon, Digital Marketing Coordinator Ryan is a second year Film and Digital Media major, and has been involved in both the Film Production Coalition and On The Spot since freshman year. He has acted in leadership in both organizations the past year. He can't wait to get more involved in Student Media and provide others with a space to make great content.


Sabrina Schmier, Print Coordinator

Sabrina (she/her) is a fourth-year literature major and education minor who has been involved with Student Media since her second year. She has spent the past two years as a staff member, and then editor-in-chief, of Chinquapin Magazine and is thrilled to become further integrated into the print community as one of this year's print coordinators. In this position, Sabrina is hoping to help cultivate a strong sense of community and collaboration within these orgs, even when we are all far apart. In addition to her work with Student Media, Sabrina is also an Undergraduate Fellow with CITL and a founder of Sequoia Singers A Cappella. When not working within these communities, Sabrina is most likely to be found wandering a forest path or composing on her guitar.


Susan Watrous, Print Media Adviser

Susan has been the Print Media Adviser for Student Media since 2005. She brings a strong journalistic background to the position and consistently pushes students to achieve beyond what they think is possible with their work. In addition to advising Student Media organizations, Susan is a faculty member and instructs multiple courses on campus. Susan sees the success of her students as a success of herself, and is always available and open to work with all members of Student Media.

Phone: (831) 459-5817


Victoria Gonzalez, Programming Manager

Victoria Gonzalez, Broadcast Coordinator Victoria is a Film & Digital Media major with a minor in Political Science at UCSC. Apart from being the SCTV’s Programming Manager, Victoria enjoys screenwriting, directing, and producing for the Film Production Coalition. She lives in Santa Cruz with her dog Yoshi, and spends most of her free time playing the bass guitar or cooking. Victoria hopes to continue directing, writing, and building upon her passion for filmmaking through her work.


Zitlaly Martinez Hernandez, Operations Coordinator

Zitaly Martinez Hernandez, Operations Coordinator Zitlaly (she/they) is a third-year Intensive Psychology and LALS Double major with a minor in politics. She has followed student media since her arrival to UCSC but officially became a part of it when becoming a signer for TWANAS Press collective this 2020-2021 school year. They are also involved with Hermanas Unidas with their steering position being Alumni Liaison. Zitlaly is excited to help foster a healthy safe space within all communities they come into contact with and expand her understanding of all orgs and communities. When not working or doing schoolwork, she loves practicing and strengthening her clairvoyant and Brujx skills as a generational brujx from a long Nahua ancestry. To relax, they love doing yoga, meditating,  journaling, making art, playing/creating music, and binge watching shows while cuddling with their kitten, "Nube."