Student Media has several career and student staff who are experienced and available resources for any student involved in Student Media.

Isabella Bradley, Equipment Manager

Isabella is a second-year film and digital media and history of art and visual cultures double major. She joined the equipment team in Spring 2019, and has been grateful for the opportunity ever since. When not at the press center, she is often biking around Santa Cruz, cooking and baking with friends, or ocean kayaking. In the future, Isabella hopes to combine her passions for art, film, and nature, possibly through documentary filmmaking.



Katelyn Brooks, Equipment Manager

Katelyn is a second year Film and Digital Media major with a minor in History. Katelyn is now an Equipment Manager for SCTV but has been involved in Student Media since the beginning of her Freshman year through the Film Production Coalition. She is currently a producer and the Event Coordinator for FPC. Katelyn has greatly enjoyed her experience with Student Media and hopes to help other creative and curious students find a home here.



Christina Bulosan, CHP Ads Sales

Tina is a third-year Literature major. She's worked as a photojournalist for City on a Hill Press, then moved to SOAR as an Operations Coordinator. After serving that position, she returned to City on a Hill Press as their Advertising Sales Executive and enjoyed it ever since. Learning from others and hearing what they have to say appeals to her, as she constantly loves meeting new people. In her free time, she loves going outdoors and climbing whatever helps her see the world in a larger perspective.



Jennifer Cain, Student Media Associate Director & Broadcast Advisor

Jennifer Cain serves as the Interim Student Media Assistant Director and Broadcast Adviser, teaching and advising students in broadcast production. She attended UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism with a focus in video storytelling, and has worked at ABC 7 and AJ+ in the Bay Area. An alumna of UCSC, Jenn was a co-editor in chief of City on a Hill Press. She trains students in the legal, technical and organizational aspects of videography under the student agency model. Trust, collaboration, fair and accurate reporting, are aspects she finds essential for successful storytelling.



Kora Fortun, Web Developer

Kora is a second year math and legal studies major who has been involved with Student Media since her first year, starting as a copyeditor at City on a Hill Press. As one of the web developers for Student Media, she will work to be a resource for all the orgs and their leaders. She is eager to work with and learn from new people in Student Media, so drop her an email or come say hi whenever you get the chance!



Weston Gray, Print Coordinator

Weston, or Wes, is a fourth year Anthropology major who has been involved with Student Media since his freshman year. Beginning as a member, then editor, of Fruitcake magazine, Wes has since joined the student run newspaper City on a Hill Press, reporting and editing for the Arts & Culture desk. As one of the two Print Coordinators this year, he hopes to be a resource for print orgs that need assistance in InDesign, fundraising and timelining. When he isn't doing anything Student Media related, he enjoys swimming in the ocean, reading books (either with words, pictures or both) and creating music with a laptop.



Zoe-Manon LeCheminant, Broadcast Coordinator

Zoe-Manon LeCheminant is a fourth-year Film and Digital Media Production major and Literature minor. This is her first year as the SCTV Broadcast Coordinator, but she is also a current Editor for Fish Rap Live! and served as Co-Executive Producer for the Film Production Coalition last year. As the SCTV Broadcast Coordinator, she hopes to help foster a tight-knit and supportive community amongst the broadcast organizations.



Griffin Smith, Fiscal Coordinator

Griffin Smith graduated from UCSC in the spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Film & Digital Media. Before joining SOAR, he worked as both an equipment manager & a business assistant for Student Media. He is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Griffin was born & raised in Anaheim, California but has also lived in north-central Massachusetts & Sunnyvale, California before coming to Santa Cruz.



Brandon Victoriano, Equipment Manager

Brandon is a second year Film and Psychology double major. Ever since his freshman year, he has been involved with the Film Production Coalition and On The Spot. As a producer for both organizations now, he strives to up the quality of student films and wants to push the limits of what kind of content Student Media is capable of producing. He hopes to eventually work as a director or producer in narrative productions. In his free time, he enjoys video games, basketball, and listening to a single song on repeat.



Emily Wang, Content Publisher

Emily Wang is a third-year film and digital media major. She has been involved in Student Media for about 2 years. Serving as the co-executive producer of FPC and outreach coordinator of OTS for the past year, she's now transitioning to being the programming manager of SCTV. Emily is excited to continue working with friends and see new faces in the space.



Susan Watrous, Print Media Adviser

Susan has been the Print Media Adviser for Student Media since 2005. She brings a strong journalistic background to the position and consistently pushes students to achieve beyond what they think is possible with their work. In addition to advising Student Media organizations, Susan is a faculty member and instructs multiple courses on campus. Susan sees the success of her students as a success of herself, and is always available and open to work with all members of Student Media.

Phone: (831) 459-5817