Our Mission

Student Media’s mission is to provide UCSC students an opportunity to explore, discover, and share local and global issues through the mediums of print and broadcast.

This mission is achieved by challenging students to think critically about the environment they operate within, and by giving students the tools and the agency to create a media dialogue about that environment. The result is a diverse community of students operating in a multitude of organizations, creating a variety of content and transforming themselves in ways that will inform their work beyond graduation.

SOMeCA Values

The following SOMeCA values were selected through surveys and discussions amongst students, staff, and alumni.

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SOMeCA is made up of Student Organization Advising & Resources (SOAR), Student Media, and Cultural Arts & Diversity (CAD), and it supports student organizations at UC Santa Cruz. SOMeCA’s professional staff offers leadership training, mentorship, organizational advising, and project management training to student leaders. SOMeCA services are designed in collaboration with students and colleagues to meet the changing needs of the UCSC student body.

About SOMeCA

UCSC Press Center

Press Center, 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

The Student Agency Model

At UC Santa Cruz and in SOMeCA, the Student Agency Model is integral to the success of student organizations and community building. This model is a response to the persistent disenfranchisement of youth and the lack of opportunities for them to participate in democratic activities that reflect and affirm their experiences, opinions, and ideas for social change.

The Student Agency Model is an innovative and creative approach to student development that fosters students’ responsibility and empowerment, emphasizing that students are not only leaders of the future, but also leaders today. This model cultivates transformative leadership — leadership that changes the world — which emerges when students are empowered with the skills to address the needs their communities face.