Student Media Committees

Student-lead committees support the work of Student Media. The committees currently include budget, agenda planning, civic engagement, and marketing. If you’d like to learn more about the work of the committees or are interested in joining, please talk to your adviser or email

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee works with the Student Media Council budget. Oriented around principles of democratic budgeting, the committee assesses annual allocations for the council’s budget, which is raised through student-fee Measures 13/50 and 34, as well as developing long-term plans to support financial sustainability. The committee also seeks to educate the Student Media community on the budget and budgeting process.

Agenda Planning Committee


The Agenda Planning Committee sets the weekly agenda for the biweekly Student Media Council meetings. The committee aims to set agenda items to support the student leaders on the council and bring forward topics and issues relevant to UCSC. Committee members welcome input from the community, and can be reached at