Press Center Resources

Press Center Space Reservation

Student Media is now offering space reservations in the Press Center! Fill out this form to reserve a space.

Media Law Resources

Student Media offers workshops in media law and ethics in the fall and winter quarters. In addition, you may find these online resources to be helpful.

Network Accounts

Organization leaders and members wishing to use the computers and servers at the Student Media Press Center must fill out the form below. Remember to read the computer and network policies as well.


Website Assistance

Student Media employs one or two people every year to help organizations with their web presence. They are experienced in almost everything web related, and are ready to teach you as well as answer all your questions. Send them an email at!

Due to COVID-19, the web developer will be hosting their office hours online. Time slots can be booked via Google Calendar appointments. If those times do not work, please send us an email and we can work out a different time that works for you.


Kora has been working as the web developer since January 2020 and has been involved in Student Media since fall 2018. She is always excited to help other students and orgs work on their websites. Set up an office hours appointment using the link above to come talk to her!

Web Resources

Here you can find resources created by the Student Media Web Developer. These documents are updated constantly, but if they are missing anything, feel free to email the web developer!

Constitution Resources

If you would like to write your organization’s constitution, here are some guidelines and resources that will help you develop it. Remember, an updated constitution is required for registration and for your organization’s governance.



Emergency Plan

The document below contains information about campus emergency and response procedures. UCSC employee’s are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this information.