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Media Ethics Seminar

The Media Ethics Seminar, facilitated by our very own Jim Wagstaffe, will take place January 31, from 4:15-6:15. All signers must go, but it is open to all student media org members.

Media Council

Media Council is coming up! The next Media Council this quarter is on Feb. 7th in the Rachel Carson Red Room from 4:00 to 6:00pm. See you there!

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  • Student Media Events Calendar

All Student Media events can be found on the Blue calendar to the left. Have any questions? Let us know by sending an email to the front desk at studentmedia@ucsc.edu!

  • Space Reservation Calendar

Student Media allows organizations to reserve different parts of the Student Media building. If your organization is looking to reserve computers and/or space in the Student Media Press Center, please fill out the form below. Many students and organizations use the building space, so plan ahead and be mindful of what your organization will be using.



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