Organization Planning

Event Planning

Student Media staff is happy to support your organization in planning an event—a launch party or reading, film festival, speaker event or something else!

  • All events require an Event Proposal Form, which is available in the Press Center. Please fill this out with the Student Media Operations Coordinator or your advisor.
  • Major events require at least SIX weeks to plan, so the organization and Student Media can collaborate with other campus units that may be involved (TAPS, campus police, caterers, the venue, etc.).
  • Most events involving food require a university food permit. Please discuss this with your advisor early in the process.
  • Due to liability and risk-management issues, events are restricted to on-campus only.
  • Work with your advisor to ensure you have sufficient funding to cover the event. Some funding may have stipulations on its use.

Please keep in mind, planning events take time, so be sure to check in with your advisor early in the process!