Student Media houses 16 various student organizations and media outlets- 11 print publications and five TV/video productions.


City on a Hill Press (CHP) is dedicated to reporting and analyzing the issues affecting the student population. CHP serves as watchdogs for the politics of the UC administration and works on covering unreported events, ideas and voices. The campus paper also provides a space for Santa Cruz residents to present their views and interact with the campus community. Ideally, CHP’s work will serve as an arena for debate, challenge, and ultimately, change.



Leviathan is a student-run, quarterly publication at the University of California Santa Cruz. We publish articles, columns, stories and artwork from students pertaining to the Jewish community and experience.


Fish Rap Live! is a comedic newspaper which publishes every three weeks, reminiscent in style to The Onion.


Housed under UCSC’s Filipino Student Association, Alay is an original student publication comprised of written and visual art, submitted by community members to promote student artwork and expression.


Gaia Magazine is the student-run environmental magazine, which aims to provide coverage of sustainability-related initiatives on or linked to the UCSC campus as well as the broader community. Gaia strives to practice the sustainability it promotes, and is printed locally on recycled paper using soy-based ink. It is published annually in the spring, and welcomes submissions from UCSC students.


Red Wheelbarrow

Red Wheelbarrow is a student-run literary journal based on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. We publish annually and serve the UCSC community by providing a free publication that showcases student art, poetry, and prose.


The Third World and Native American Students Press Collective (TWANAS) is an activist publication that works to change and engage the UCSC community through their journalism.

The visions and goals of TWANAS are to: provide a space to exchange and challenge media that is created; publish meaningful articles that humanize issues and representations of people in the popular media; and acknowledge and embrace the inspiration and commitment to social justice.


Matchbox Magazine is a UC-wide collaborative creative writing project. The magazine publishes prose, poetry, and art created by students throughout the UC system, and distributes copies of their magazine to the literature departments at each UC School.


Chinquapin is the longest running student governed literary magazine at UCSC. This organization annually publishes fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, art and photography from students and alumni.


Devoted to the study and publication of television, digital media, and film criticism, the EyeCandy Journal provides students with an opportunity to engage with and research media-related issues they are passionate about. The journal creates a more creative and personal outlet for students to write academic film criticism that goes beyond the scope of traditional Film and Digital Media courses.


Scientific Slug is a student-run magazine that connects artists, writers, and scientists/researchers to communicate current research at UCSC. Combining diverse writing pieces and original artwork in a variety of mediums, our goal is to bridge the gap between students and scientists. Students of different majors come together to both educate and entertain the community. We publish a printed magazine twice a year, and run a weekly blog.


Housing all four of Student Media’s broadcast and film production organizations under one roof, SCTV exposes students to a plethora of diverse production organizations ranging from comedy television shows to short films. The autonomous student-led organizations strive to expose students interested in any aspect of film and television production with hands-on experience.


From writing and acting to producing and editing, On The Spot (OTS) does it all. OTS strives to provide quality entertainment programming, while offering students hands-on experience with television production. OTS is a student-run broadcast organization that produces numerous television shows including sketch-comedy shows, music videos, and psychological thrillers.


Tackling the challenges of short film and documentary filmmaking, the Film Production Coalition aims to provide students with the opportunities to work in groups to create short narrative or documentary films. Students involved in FPC achieve hands-on experience with a wide variety of aspects attributed to the filmmaking process.


Banana Slug News is UCSC’s only on-campus news broadcast organization. Students interested in any aspect of broadcast and film production, or news journalism have the opportunity to practice and be exposed to those skills with BSN.


Fruitcake Magazine is a student-run, annually published comic magazine with a sprinkle of humorous fiction! We’re dedicated to providing a space for students to express their thoughts and experiences through the comic format.